Aside from your frame, your suspension is often the most expensive component on your bike. To get the best performance and lifespan out of you suspension, keeping it clean and properly lubricated is vital. Service intervals vary depending on riding conditions, so if you are riding through the winter in the grit and mud, you should consider getting your suspension serviced more frequently. Getting grit and dirt behind your dust seals not only reduces performance dramatically, but also causes repairable wear on the stantions. 

For those of you who are conscious of your suspension performance and like to keep their bike feeling constantly dialed week in week out, you can have your forks serviced without the need to change any seals or parts. Bring your parts down to out workshop or post them for inspection. We will only ever change the parts that are needed so we offer any service including a strip and clean only,  lower leg service or a full service including a strip down and rebuild of your dampers and air chambers.

Lower Leg Service (Basic service)

All forks: £30

Bushing Replacement (bush kit not included)

All forks £40

Full Services – Bring your fork for a complete service. We strip down both the spring side and damper side, cleaning and rebuilding with new seals where applicable. Main dust/oil seals included.



32: £74

34/36: £78

40: £84



Reba, Pike, Tora, Revelation, Argyle, Recon, Boxxer 32mm (pre 2010) : £74

Lyric, Domain, Boxxer 35mm (2010+): £77

Sid, Pilot, Dart: £68

Totem: £80



30, 32mm: £75

35, 38, 40mm: £80